Berths: 5
Depth: 12m
Quay Cranes: 9
RTGs: 23
Others Equipment: Side loaders, Reach Stackers, Internal Transfer Vehicles, Forklifts
Reefer Outlets: 260
Truck slots: 250
Annual Capacity: +1.2M TEUs
System: Navis Sparcs

Container Terminal Division (South Harbor)

ATI’s Container Terminal Division (CTD) is among the country’s major international trade gateways.

At par with global standards on safety, security, technology and efficiency, CTD provides 24/7 arrastre and stevedoring services to international shipping lines along Piers 3 and 5 which have 5 working berths with draft of 12 meters.

Efficient port operations are driven by modern planning and operations systems and the best terminal personnel in the industry armed with global and local experience.

Nine (9) ship-to-shore cranes, 23 modern rubber-tired gantries (RTGs), internal transfer vehicles and other handling equipment are optimized to deliver the best customer service.

Aside from well-defined yards for stacking laden and empty boxes, ATI has dedicated areas for reefer and dangerous cargoes and support facilities for stripping and stuffing, container freight services, x-ray examination and truck marshaling.

South Harbor’s multiple access gates are equipped with weighbridges and supported by automated truck queuing and call-up systems which are part of ATI’s contribution to improving traffic flow along roads. Further, the gates are installed with radiation detection portals for cargo security.

Keeping in step with the growth of the economy, additional container yards are being developed within Manila South Harbor Expanded Port Zone, while deployment of new equipment and continuous systems upgrades are underway to sustain the terminal’s high level efficiency.

Primarily serving Metro Manila and its surrounding environs, ATI’s Container Terminal is an indispensable partner for traders, manufacturers and consumers and intra-Asia shippers, providing cost efficiencies, economies of scale, and proximity to its Metro-based markets.