Corporate Responsibility

As a major marine terminal operator in the Philippines, Asian Terminals Inc. not only demonstrates its excellence through the complete and competitive port services it provides industries. It also takes this leadership role even further by bringing its success beyond the terminals’ gates.

Consistent with the philosophy of its strategic foreign shareholder, DP World, ATI extends its goodwill to its surrounding communities through its Corporate Responsibility (CR) initiatives. ATI pursues a strong Cr philosophy anchored on four important quadrants, namely: Community, Environment, People and Safety, and Marketplace.

Built around these four pillars, ATI’s CR engagement and investment strategy aims to improve the social and environmental standards for its broader stakeholders (including its employees and their dependents, customers, partners, suppliers, and the community in general). ATI fully understands that by managing the business ethically and responsibly, it also contributes to creating a sustainable and productive future for the Philippine supply-chain.

Locally, ATI’s CR initiatives are branded as ATI CARES (ATI Corporate Advocacies and Responses for the Environment and Society), capturing the essence of ATI’s programs which benefit the ecological and business “Environment” and “Societies” or communities internal and external to ATI.

ATI CARES covers programs on Education, Environment Preservation, Health & Safety, Employee Engagement and Charities – strategic areas in which ATI believes it could make the greatest positive impact in the long-term.

Post-Haiyan Assistance


Picking up from efforts in 2013 where ATI opened its ports for the immediate shipping of aid free of port charges, ATI sustained its humanitarian response for super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in 2014 by shifting its strategy to a community-based approach. Aside from donating cash to port communities, ATI deployed a 15-man volunteer team to Tanuan, Leyte for a week-long house build project for Yolanda survivors in partnership with Gawad Kalinga.

ATI Scholarship Program


ATI strongly believes in the power of education in transforming lives. Consistently, ATI allocates a major part of its CR resources to its Scholarship Program for dependents of company employees and youth in surrounding communities. With formal training and education, ATI is empowering the youth with valuable tools that will make them productive members of society in the future. ATI is supporting 181 high school and college scholars to date.

La Mesa Treeplanting


ATI regularly conducts tree planting activities at the La Mesa Watershed as it sustains its advocacy for safeguarding Metro Manila’s vital water resource. In September, ATI’s volunteers planted 700 saplings of indigenous trees at the La Mesa forest reserve to continuously rejuvenate the watershed’s 2,000-hectare foliage. Since 2001, ATI has reforested and protected 14 hectares of the watershed which supplies potable water to Metro Manila’s 12 million residents.

Customer Engagement


ATI collaborates with its stakeholders, customers and other industry partners in various events and advocacies in pursuit of common interests, especially those that contribute to the advancement of the Philippine supply-chain. Through such customer engagement events, ATI updates stakeholders on the company's recent investment and developments aimed at constantly improving port processes. ATI also holds dialogues with customers and its host local government units to ensure a healthy marketplace environment.