Area: 15 hectares
Western Wharf: 288m long
Eastern Wharf: 300m long
Extended Wharf: 262m long
Equipment: Loaders, Forklfts, Internal Transfer Vehicles

South Cotabato Integrated Port

ATI extends its presence in southernmost Philippines through its strategic investment in South Cotabato Integrated Port Services Inc. (SCIPSI).

SCIPSI manages the Makar Wharf, a general purpose port which handles important role in connecting Mindanao with the Southeast Asian region. The Port of General Santos is an ideal gateway to the domestic and international markets of SOCSKSARGEN and the Brunei-Indonesia-Malaya-Philippines East Asia Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA).

Strategically located at the heart of Sarangani Bay, SCIPSI supports the major canning and other manufacturing industries in the Mindanao peninsula.

The port handles approximately 96 percent of domestic and international general and containerized cargo in the area. Domestic and international passengers likewise transit through the port.