Customer Advisory

08 June 2016

To Our Valued GSD Clients:

Please note that an extensive maintenance program of Berth 15 piers and storage areasis being undertaken from June to October 2016.

During this period significant portions of the pier shall be closed off for Operations for safety reasons. ATI shall be maintaining services to customers, but the repairs will result in some delays to normal production during peak periods oftime during the next four months, as traffic flow along the berths is constrained and routings are extended.

These repairs are a contractual obligation to the PPA as part of the South Harbor concession agreement.

Moreover, ATI is committed to ensuring that port facilities are maintained in a safe working condition to prevent accidents.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause to customers, and encourage you to liaise with ATI well in advance of berthing requirements to assess the impact prior to designating ATI as your port of call.

For further inquiries/clarifications, please feel free to contact:

1.Mr. Rudi Yark (AVP – General Stevedoring Operations)


b. 0928-5597404

2.Mr. Reginald Rivera (Manager – Commercial & Marketing)


b. 0947-8900186

3.Mr. John Rolland Rosquillo

a. John.

b. 0920-9747895

Thank you.